Juba developed a love for art and drawing at a very early age.

When he was a teenager he worked at a newspaper as an illustrator and shortly after that got into a graphic design program at a university in Brazil.

In his final year, he researched all about tattoo history and different designs and how to apply it respecting and following each body anatomy. When he graduated in 1997, he bought his first tattoo machine and has never stopped tattooing since.

Juba opened a successful tattoo shop in

Belo Horizonte - Brazil from 2001 to 2018, where he flourished. Juba loves to travel and has been a guest artist in shops all over the world from New Zealand, Portugal, Germany and the United States. Juba settled in Canada, looking to expand and further his art focusing on Asian style tattoos.

What drives him the most

is the chance to learn something new every day. Every tattoo teaches him something different, the art sketches are never the same. He is a big fan of neo-traditional Asian-style art, Juba has never shied away from a challenge, whether it be large pieces to cover-ups, he is always learning and challenging himself.

When Juba is not tattooing he loves to travel, and loves extreme sports like snowboarding and is obsessed with downhill skate. Back in Brazil he competed in downhill skate championships


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